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SmartCaddie Standard

SmartCaddie Standard may well be a lot of fun but don't be fooled this is no toy! Improve your game with performance measurements from statistics. Calculates your handicap accurately according to the rules set down by the governing associations.
Analyze performance graphs to determine where best to work on your game in order to improve quickly and with greater efficiency.
Securely Integrated with internet providing upload and download of information to the Nova Golf Handicap Internet Network (NGIN).


Satellite GPS
Get accurate distances anywhere in the world, automatically connects to GPS devices including Bluetooth connections and is WAAS enabled.
  • Create your own maps and diagrams, with no limits on what you map, unlike other vendors who have a 3-point limitation
  • FREE download of course maps and scorecards
  • Upload and share course maps and scorecards
  • GPS Controller provides information on the performance of your GPS device, an invaluable tool to ensure accuracy
Our Platinum version provides distances from current position to any position mapped for the hole in play. Map all tees, greens, and points of interest, there are no restrictions. Automatically scrolls through the upcoming positions, dropping them off as they are passed, tees and greens are always shown. Get distances from current position to any point at any time.
Handicap calculations are the same as for our approved Client/Server and Internet Software which is designed for golf clubs and associations. If you want your TRUE handicap, we calculate according to regulations! Uses the slope and course ratings for either men or women according to the gender of player selected.
Adjusted score is computed using Equitable Stroke Control according to either RCGA or USGA formulas.
We provide:
  • Handicaps for short course, 18 and 9 hole golfers
  • Combined 9 hole scores
  • Calculated equitable stroke control
  • Calculated exceptional tournament reductions
Scores and games can be entered for any course in the world.
Scorecard entry for favorite courses to support game entry and hole by hole scoring.
Simply post scores and statistics from games at a click of button.
Entry of scores enabled at any course, does not require courses to be set up in the system.
Recalls previously played courses allowing fast entry of scores.
  • Create your scorecards and courses
  • Download scorecards and courses for free
  • Submit your courses to be authenticated and added to our databases
  • Automatically post scores from games
  • Continue to enter games when scores are out of the course’s season
  • Upload and download scores to and from Nova Golf Internet Network (NGIN)
Statistics and performance graphs enable you to quickly view what you need to work on to improve your game. Track the traditional stats as well your own custom stats.
  • View statistics for games and/or scores.
  • Custom Stats enables you to enter bets and wagers
  • Graphs viewed as lines or bars.
  • Hole by Hole analysis for home courses.
  • Upload and download score statistics to and from Nova Golf Internet Network (NGIN).
Portrait and landscape orientation.
High screen resolutions giving greater clarity and definition.
Various color schemes to choose from.
Windows Mobile 5 or 6.
Relational Database Engine and Sync enabled software provided.
Requires Microsoft’s .Net Compact Framework, which is pre-installed on later handhelds, but can be downloaded from Microsoft for older handhelds.

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